The Office of Trademarks & Licensing Services (TLS) serves as the clearinghouse for use of USC marks in the creation of consumer products, including promotional items. TLS also serves as the contact point for department trademark registration requests and inquiries.

General Guidelines

Campus departments and student organizations are required to use only authorized licensed vendors when sourcing products that feature any USC trademarks or wordmarks (e.g. USC, Trojans, Fight On, University of Southern California, …). Please see listing of promotional product licensees.

Licensed vendors are required to submit product designs to TLS for review and approval prior to manufacture and sales. TLS communicates with campus departments, via designated brand ambassadors, and student groups as needed to ensure that product design concepts meets USC graphic identity guidelines.

Use of USC trademarks must be consistent with university graphic identity standards. Consistent use is important for the legal protection of the marks and to promote a consistent brand message. For detailed information on the USC Graphic Identity Program, please visit

Campus Departments

Please follow university graphic identity standards as it relates to your individual campus department, school or other organization. Campus departments are to use the university’s academic marks.

Student Organizations & Club Sports

Student organizations formally recognized by the Office of Student Affairs are able to use select USC word marks and “spirit” marks (e.g. Tommy Trojan head logo, USC block lettering) in conjunction with the organization name in the design of promotional products.

Club sports teams recognized by USC Rec Sports are authorized to utilize select USC word marks and “spirit” marks in conjunction with team names, uniform designs and creation of promotional products.


  • Athletic marks, including the SC interlock, is restricted for use by the Athletic Department only.
  • Band marks, including the band Trojan head, is restricted for use by the Trojan Marching Band only.
  • No material changes or alterations to logos or iconic imagery are allowed (e.g. Tommy Trojan statue holding a foreign object, Trojan head logo wearing a foreign hat, etc.).
  • Requests to purchase licensed product for resale in conjunction with fundraising activities must be approved by the TLS office and sourced through an authorized licensed vendor.
  • Product restrictions: Tobacco, alcohol, sexually explicit graphics or descriptions, and unauthorized use of other third-party trademarks are prohibited.
  • USC does not approve the use of its marks on products that may be perceived to promote, support, or endorse political parties, political candidates, or any partisan political activity.

Protecting a Trademark

For information on how and when it is appropriate to register a trademark, please see How do I protect a trademark?