How do I obtain a USC-branded products for my organization to giveaway or resale?

For giveaway items, you may purchase products featuring USC trademarks as long as the manufacturer of those products is a licensee of the university. Be sure to ask the vendor and view our list of promotional product licensees.

If you are interested in ordering USC-branded products for resale purposes associated with fundraising activities, please contact USC Trademarks & Licensing Services (TLS) to obtain information on specific licensed vendors have are authorized to fulfill such requests.

Does my campus organization need to be licensed?

No. The manufacturer that makes the product for you must be licensed, not the campus organization.

Why must I use a licensed manufacturer to product USC-branded products?

USC’s trademarks are protected by law, and therefore the university is responsible to ensure that only those authorized individuals and entities are able to use USC marks. This is why USC does not permit the sale of USC-branded products or services to any party, even USC departments, student organizations, or alumni groups, unless such products or services are approved under the university’s licensing program.

If my product is not going to be resold, do I still have to select a licensed vendor?

Yes. Whether or not a product is going to be resold has no bearing on the need for the university to have licenses in place with all third parties who are using USC trademarks.

Do I need to get product designs pre-approved by USC Trademarks & Licensing Services (TLS) before going to a licensed vendor?

No. Obtaining pre-approval of a design before selecting a licensed vendor is optional. It is the licensed vendor’s responsibility to submit artwork designs to TLS for review and approval. Even with a pre-approval, final approval will only be given when the vendor submits artwork to TLS.

How do I use USC marks correctly?

Please visit the USC Graphic Identity Program website.

If the product I want to purchase has no reference whatsoever to the university (e.g. no colors, building images, names or trademarks), do I still need to have a licensed vendor produce my product?


What is the USC IP policy?

The most up-to-date information about USC’s Intellectual Property policies can be found on the University Policies page