What are the USC Trademarks?

USC Trademarks are a set of designs, symbols, words and phrases that clearly identifies and distinguishes the university from other institutions. These include the University Seal design mark, Trojans, USC, Fight On!, the SC Interlock, the Traveler mascot, and the Trojan Head. Individuals and groups can only use university trademarks with USC’s permission.

What is a licensee?

A licensee is a person or organization who has been granted the right, under legal agreement, to use USC’s trademarks.

What is a license agreement?

A license agreement is the legal contract that governs the relationship between the manufacturer of products bearing USC trademarks (“licensee”) and the university (“licensor”). The license must be in place prior to any sales and marketing efforts the vendor may initiate.

What does USC do if unlicensed merchandise is discovered in the marketplace?

The university is committed to protecting and preserving its trademark rights. Any commercial use of university marks without a trademark license is addressed promptly; by legal action if necessary. Please advise USC Trademarks and Licensing Services of potential unlicensed product sales.

Are there types of products that USC will not license?

Various products will be considered for licensing; however, the university reserves the right to decline to license any item. For example, tobacco products and firearms are not appropriate for licensing and will not be considered.

How can I tell if a product is officially licensed?

Look for the Collegiate Licensed Product Association (CLPA) label or hologram. Retail licensees are required to include the CLPA graphic, hangtag or holographic sticker with each licensed product and/or product packaging. This serves as a signal to consumers that the merchandise is approved for sale by the university.